Portable balancing

Dynamic balancing (balancing) of the rotor, fan, drum, shaft in its own bearings (bearings) is carried out using portable equipment with departure to the enterprise to the customer. Our competent specialists are ready to travel to any point of the country and eliminate the problems of unbalance of the parts in your production.

Портативная балансировка Портативная балансировка, купить

This procedure allows you to reduce the level of vibration of the rotating machinery equipment without dismantling the part or assembly in which the part rotates. Consequently, this reduces the time to eliminate the destructive imbalance and increases the service life of the bearing parts of the mechanism (generator, smoke exhauster, etc.). Balancing includes reducing the level of vibration, not only the rotor supports, but also the body of the product. Before starting work on field balancing, you must provide the specialist with access to the rotor for correcting (adding or removing) unbalance mass. After that, vibration sensors are installed on the shaft or fan supports and the rotational speed sensor. To determine the initial unbalance, two (for a single-plane part) or three (for a two-plane) start are performed.

The state of balance of the part of rotation is achieved through several cycles of balancing. Statistics show that more than 40% of the accidents of turbomachines occur due to vibration destruction of parts. Vibration also adversely affects the human body, causing physical disorders. The main technological way to eliminate vibration machines - the use of effective methods of balancing.