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Balancing of a shaft of a grinder of the combine; rotor or anchor of an electric motor, pump; threshing drum, beater, combine rotor; fan, engine crankshaft

The balancing center "A-VAL" specializes in dynamic balancing of interfacial rotation bodies up to 6 m long, weighing up to 10,000 kg and up to 2 m in diameter. any point of Ukraine.

Our company works in the following areas:

  • Balancing of a shaft of a grinder of the combine assembled with knives;
  • Balancing the threshing drum of the combine;
  • Balusuvannya of a combine harvester;
  • Weight distribution in the center of mass of the connecting rod;
  • Crankshaft balancing complete with flywheel and basket;
  • Dynamic balancing of the armature (rotor) of the electric motor;
  • Dynamic balancing of the turbine rotor;
  • Fan balancing;
  • Balancing of the working wheel of the exhaust fan and the pump;
  • Balancing paper machine shaft;
  • Pulley balancing;
  • Auger balancing;
  • Balancing threshing drum and combine rotor.

The variety of parts to be balanced, determines the need for an individual approach to solving problems in the field of balancing.
Qualified professionals with experience in advanced technologies will provide balancing services and give advice.

All services are provided in Dnieper.
In the contacts section there is also a map of the location of the enterprise.